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What To Expect

My Model of Care and Treatment Approach

A physical therapist can provide a wide variety of treatment approaches including joint mobilization, manipulation, massage, manual stretching, and instruction in therapeutic exercise. We are also given the opportunity to learn additional soft tissue treatments including cupping, dry needling, IASTM-instrument assisted soft tissue massage, and various forms of muscular and soft tissue relaxation techniques. Not all therapists will have all of these options in there “tool box” but some do and that is where BodyFit Physical Therapy and my model of care can help you.

Unfortunately, when most people think of physical therapy they think of lying on a treatment table in a room filled with other patients with a hot pack on their body, then getting an ultrasound from a tech, having the therapist quickly float in to apply a rub here or there for about 5-10 minutes and then they are left with the tech again to go do his/her exercise.  They see 3-4 patients and hour so that they can get well compensated for several patients over the course of an hour since the insurance companies do not provide adequate reimbursement. If they did not see 3-4 patients an hour their business would not be profitable.  To further lure you in, these therapy facilities look stock a wide variety of fancy exercise machines for you to go exercise on (to keep you busy) with the tech.  Yet is this really necessary to get you better or does it just look cool? At BodyFit Physical therapy you won’t find a host of expensive exercise equipment. You will find a quiet and personal space with a few pieces of exercise equipment that are only applicable for demonstration and form cueing. You will also find a physical therapist who is devoting 100% of your treatment time with you, allowing ample time to utilize expert diagnostic skills, and apply one-on-one hands-on care during your entire visit.

As part of your treatment planning, you will receive a complete evaluation, head to toe, to determine all areas of your body that may be affected or responsible for your injury/ailment.  I don’t just treat the pain, I treat why you have the pain, what other areas are to blame and then determine how to go about fixing these issues. 

On your first visit, the evaluation can take anywhere from 30 minutes to the full hour. During the evaluation I will also apply some treatment techniques, in order to take an inventory of your response to these treatments or mobilization techniques to determine their relevance to further treatment. 

For treatment, a combination of hands-on joint mobilization or manipulation, soft tissue massage and/or utilization of cupping, dry needling, and/or IASTM may be applied to further prepare the body for balancing the soft tissue and improving your tolerance to treatment and correcting your mobility issues.

Therapeutic exercise is provided for homework. I will instruct you in exactly what you need to do when home, between your treatment sessions. Flow sheets are provided by a handout and also emailed to you so you can have them readily available on your phone or iPad as well.  My home programs very often include self-treatment techniques so you can continue mobilizing your tissues and joints between appointments and as I like to call it…”you will be me” while you are gone from therapy. This will ensure that when you are all better and on your own, you will be able to manage any flares or reoccurrences on your own and not have to return to therapy. It may be a bad business practice to get people better fast and give them the tools to help themselves, but I feel that therapy should be as helpful as possible and the more you learn about your body, the better you will benefit from your physical therapy at BodyFit Physical Therapy.

If my approach to treatment sounds like a good fit for you, then please call me, Cindy, at BodyFit Physical Therapy today!  


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