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Bfit Running Club

Bfit Running Club

Are You A Runner But Don’t Like Running Alone?

Join Our Running Club At BodyFit PT!

Whether You’re A Seasoned Runner Or Just Want To Be More Active, Our Running Club Is A Great Fit For You!

  • It’s perfect for beginners not wanting to run alone.
  • Walk or Run - we encourage and include ALL levels of runners to join!
  • Held once a week. Join us to run around the Canton area.

No One Gets Left Behind!

Make new friends and stay active with us!


  • Every Sunday at 9 am, starting at BodyFit PT
  • Everyone is welcome!
  • The group typically runs 4-6 miles per run, but this changes based on participants.
  • Walk or run, no one is left behind in our group.

Check out our Facebook to stay updated before runs, and to find information about new groups starting!

Meet Us At BodyFit PT Every Sunday At 9AM!

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