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Clinical Nutrition Services

Meet Your Clinical Nutritionist at BodyFit Physical Therapy

At BodyFit Physical Therapy, we embrace a holistic approach to health, focusing on healing from the inside out.

Having a Clinical Nutritionist is central to this philosophy, providing expert guidance to uncover the root causes of your health concerns, not just treating the symptoms.

Feeling Unheard and Over-Medicated?

It's Time for a Change.

Meet Sean Gorey, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist - NASM CPT, CNS, CDN who can help you!

Have you been visiting the doctor's office, only to leave with more questions than answers, and a growing list of medications?

It's a common frustration-feeling like your symptoms are either dismissed or treated solely with prescription drugs.

You might think your health issues are just bad luck or "bad genes."

However, genetics play a much smaller role in your health than you might expect; almost every symptom and chronic issue is significantly influenced by diet and lifestyle.

Food is not just about calories and macros-it's powerful medicine.

It can have a far more profound impact on your health than you may realize.

BodyFit's New Clinical Nutrition Program - The Process:

A Comprehensive History and Intake: The First Step to Understanding You

Your journey to better health starts with a thorough understanding of your past and present health conditions. Our team ensures a comprehensive history and intake process to gather all the necessary information. This detailed assessment helps us get to the core of any health issues, facilitating a more accurate and effective treatment plan tailored specifically for you.

Discover the Root Cause of Your Health Issues

Our Clinical Nutritionist doesn't just skim the surface; they dive deep to identify underlying factors that could be impacting your well-being. Through detailed assessments and personalized consultations, we explore aspects like dietary habits, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures. This root cause approach ensures a comprehensive view of your health, leading to more effective and lasting healing.

Expert Guidance on Nutrition and Supplements

Nutrition is the cornerstone of our approach. Our nutritionist provides expert advice on appropriate foods and supplements to meet your body's unique needs. Whether you're dealing with inflammation, menopause, digestive problems, or seeking optimal health, our customized recommendations aim to nourish and heal your body through diet.

Functional Nutrition Evaluation: Mapping Out Your Health Journey

After gathering your comprehensive history, our Clinical Nutritionist conducts a functional nutrition evaluation to thoroughly review your story. This crucial step helps prioritize the next steps in your treatment plan, ensuring that every recommendation is precisely targeted to address your specific health concerns.

Lifestyle Modifications for Comprehensive Health

Achieving optimal health involves more than just diet. Our Clinical Nutritionist also focuses on essential lifestyle modifications that impact your health:

  • Proper Sleep Habits: Enhancing sleep patterns to aid recovery, mood, and energy levels.
  • Hydration Practices: Tailoring hydration strategies to your specific needs, promoting detoxification and bodily functions.
  • Stress Management: Implementing effective techniques to manage and alleviate stress, a key factor in many chronic conditions.

Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier You

Are you ready to tackle your health issues at their root and embrace a vibrant, pain-free life?

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our Clinical Nutritionist.


It's time to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary for sustainable health changes!

Begin your journey to a healthier life with BodyFit Physical Therapy, where we heal through food and empower through comprehensive care.

Meet Sean Gorey, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist - NASM CPT, CNS, CDN who can help you!

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