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Is Water Aerobics Good For You?

Getting into exercise, and staying consistent with it, can be a test for anybody, especially for people struggling with their mobility. So... what options do you have? Water aerobics is a fun option to try! Whether you’re a pro at exercising or just seeing what might be right for you, water aerobics could be a great fit as it’s an easy exercise to take part in and a great way to keep active.

This blog post is all about what water aerobics is, the benefits of it and why water aerobics might be right for you.

What Is Water Aerobics?
Water aerobics is a form of exercise that you do in waist-deep water, such as a swimming pool.

It is done mainly stood up straight and without actually swimming, which is great for those struggling with mobility issues (you’ll always be able to keep one foot on the floor). Water aerobics is a great type of resistance training and especially great for strengthening muscles.
Water aerobics is usually done as an exercise class, rather than an individual workout, and most community centers with swimming pools
will have classes available for you to sign up to.

What Are The Benefits Of Water Aerobics?

Water aerobics is a great way to get some exercise without having to carry any weight (as you become buoyant in the water), relieving the
pressure off your joints! Those struggling with their hips and knees find this form of exercise especially helpful, as you’re not damaging your knees or hips further from pressure off the ground when you’re doing exercises like running, jogging, or even walking.

There are many different benefits of water aerobics... here’s just a couple:

Improves Your Heart’s Health
Water aerobics is fantastic for improving your heart health, because your heart and breathing rate increases... all because you’re being active! This allows your body to get the amount of oxygen that it needs and gives your heart a workout too as it pumps more blood around your body.

Improves Your Flexibility
Water aerobics is great for improving your flexibility, this is because the support of the water will reduce the amount of stress on your joints, making it easier for you to stretch and move around! Improves Your Mental Health Getting out and becoming active is hugely beneficial to improving your mental health and having a positive outlook on your everyday life.

Helps Strengthen and Tone Your Muscles
Because water aerobics allows you to take the pressure off your joints and muscles, the resistance of the water as you move helps strengthen
and tone your muscles! That’s why water aerobics is a great way to burn calories and lose weight, because you don’t feel like you’re exercising.

Taking small steps, like going to just one regular class a week could be hugely beneficial to your health, joints, and muscles.