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  • Not Feeling Your Best?
  • Dream of Getting In Better Shape & Feeling Less Tired & Achy?
  • Wish You Could Get Some Help But Not Sure Where to Start?
  • Afraid That a Trainer at a Gym Might Just Hurt You?


Did You Know...BodyFit Can Help You!

And We Can Keep You Safe While Starting Your Fitness Journey!


BodyFit Physical Therapy Now Offers Personal Training Through Our New Program: B.Fit Personal Training!




I needed to BRIDGE that gap between injury recovery and return to sport/activity. As a patient recovers and pain is no longer a limiting factor that is stopping them from enjoying life and their favorite sport, we then pivot to begin sport or activity specific strength and conditioning. Some clients would opt to start that phase of their recovery back to their personal trainer or local gym. But…sometimes…the injury would be still lurking and when the client left me to return to their personal trainer or gym, they oftentimes got re-injured, the pain returned. Why? They were progressed too fast, form was not being monitored, and when the pain was returning they were advised incorrectly by the trainer.

Therefore, I needed an in-house method by which we can begin the strength and conditioning phase together to safely build the strength and coinditiong they need to return to their sport. We can then watch for the signs and symptoms of the injury returning so we can quickly address it in-house, immediatley. This is the BodyFit Bridge Program—a personal training program with physical therapy collaboration to get my clients safely back to their favorite activity or sport after recovering from an injury.


I needed to have a collaborative and in-house relationship with a personal trainer. I needed a personal training program based on my conversations while working with multiple patients who were looking for one-on-one guidance in their health, wellness and exercise journey. Many of them had seen this and that trainer, some were one-on-one, some were in a group, some stopped and started seeing the trainer due to trainer staff turnover, some just winged it without a trainer, some just went online to come up with whatever YouTube put in front of them. Does it sound disjointed …it should! And I was finding that form was not priority, they were not getting a customized exercise program, and I found that they were doing exercises that were way beyond their exdercise level because they were cool! I also found that some trainers were treating their injuries, by provding hands-on techniques to relieve pain and advise on what to do for an injury. This I found disappointing. So I felt that a comprehensive, safe and collaborative personal training program was needed within my office. 


If you are finding that your personal training program at your gym or online is not giving you the results or safety you were looking for, reach out to me to see if our B.Fit Personal Training program would be a good FIT for you!

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With your safety and success in mind,

Cindy at BodyFit Physical Therapy