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Nine Steps to Help Ease Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain can be fixed at home if you have the right tools and are very consistent! 

Here are 9 Quick and Easy Tips to End back pain: 

1. When sitting, use a back pillow. Place back pillow in the lower arched portion of your back, slightly above the the level of your pelvis. Use it ALL THE TIME when sitting...in the car, at work, at home at the dining table. 

2. Do not sit in a recliner, low squishy chair or couch. Avoid this for 2 weeks straignt. Be consistent and strict with yourself. 

3. Do not read in bed with your back propped up against the headboard. 

4. If you are a "desk-worker" sit with proper posture, back pillow in place, feet flat on the floor and computer screen at eye level. Be consistent 100% of your day, every day. 

5. If you sit most of your day...don't! Get up every 30 minutes to walk or at least stand. ***If you think you won't do it then drink a ton of water during the day...your bladder will tell you when it's time to get up! 

6. Avoid prolonged bending at the waist and lifting by bending over at the waist. If you need to bend down then hinge at the hips or squat down. Forward bending at the waist is a very high stressor on the spine and discs. 

7. Use Ice primarily-Ice is by far the best way to ease back pain. My tip, use it 4-6 times a day! Ice is a natural anti-inflammatory. Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes.  And when to use heat – my tip would be to apply a hot pack or water bottle on a morning when your back is likely to be feeling more stiff than painful. For heat, 10 minutes should do it.  ***When you apply ice, put only a paper towel between you and a bag of frozen veggies, make sure it is big enough to cover your entire low back, and make sure it is good and cold!

8. If you are on your feet during the day...make sure you wear good supportive shoes, no heels, no sandals, no flip flops or slippers. Your feet provide cushion and proper support for the rest of your body, including your back.

9.  Sleep with a Pillow between Your Knees-Might be difficult at first, but if you can persist, it lowers the amount of rotation/twisting in your spine.  If you sleep on your side, try a pillow between your legs to keep your spine aligned and this will reduce tension at your lower back. If you sleep on your back, a pillow under the crease of your knees helps as well. 

Try these tips CONSISTENTLY for 1 week...then if you do not see any change in your back pain, give me a call. Do not let this wait. When back pain is left alone it will create inflammation and compensations in the body that are much harder to treat and eliminate. The sooner you get care, the faster this will go away. Questions? Call me to chat about your back problem at 860-507-7365. We can discuss your situation and see if physical therapy with BodyFit Physical Therapy will be your best fit to end your back pain