» Add Years & Yards to Your Golf Game!
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Add Years & Yards to Your Golf Game!

Add Years & Yards to Your Golf Game!

Learn how you can Add Years & Yards to Your Golf Game with BodyFit Physical Therapy!

Meet Cindy Langer MSPT, Owner & Titleist Performance Institute Certified Physical Therapist with BodyFit Physical Therapy.

Every Month - BodyFit will be at Golf Lounge 18 in Canton!

Cindy will take you through a demonstration of 3-4 Titleist Performance Institute tests, that will help you understand how your body could be causing you pain, reducing your yards, and limiting your playtime!

Learn how BodyFit's Golf Performance Services can help YOU!

Register for your own 20-minute, One-on-One Session with BodyFit at Golf Lounge 18 in Canton CT.

Every FIRST & THIRD Thursday of the month from 6 pm to 8 pm.

And...It's FREE!


Text Cindy at 860-402-7743



  1. Based on my therapy with Cindy and in conjunction with my golf coach I am seeing wonderful results in my game and allot less pain.

-Kevin F


  1. I highly recommend Body Fit for the golfer who wants to improve their game and their overall well-being.  Cindy and the team helped me through the initial assessment understand some physical limitations and ways to improve them specifically flexibility in my hips.  Through stretching and a stand-up desk (stretching is hard work), I have improved my game and played more rounds then ever with far less soreness.  My pre round stretching routine and staying hydrated during rounds has also been key.  Check out Body Fit if you want to get more out of your golf game!

-Mike W


  1. I’ve worked with Cindy over the winter to get ready for the spring season. One of the most important things that Cindy taught me was the 6 minute warm-up before golf. I do it every time I play and it helps tremendously!

-Rosemary G


  1. Body Fit PT is awesome!  I had zero flexibility and a habitual shoulder issue when I met Cindy in January.  Today I can now touch my toes (at 6’5” that’s an accomplishment) and my shoulder pain is gone!  The combination of the PT & Cindy’s daily exercise program has not only improved my physical health, but my hdcp dropped from 10.2 to 7.1.  I’m more flexible, have more confidence and feel like a million bucks…everyday! 

-Paul A



  1. I was having difficulty making a good turn, not to mention finishing the round. Stiff neck, sore shoulder, and a chronic achy lower back with spasms. Then came BodyFit. Cindy developed flexibility and strengthening techniques to alleviate/deal with the pain. My swing is bigger, drives are longer, and scoring is now sharp on the incoming 9! Go see BodyFit for lower scores 😊

-Brian L



  1. Cindy not only helped to alleviate my pain, she taught me strategies to prevent it from reoccurring. I highly recommend her expertise to any golfer who wants to find a healthier body and better golf as a result!

-Evan J. Lambert, PGA



  1. I cannot express enough gratitude for Cindy's exceptional physical therapy program for golfers. Her exercises have revolutionized my game, enabling me to play with improved performance and frequency while enhancing my body's flexibility. Cindy's ability to explain the rationale behind each exercise is truly remarkable, making her program both effective and educational. I highly recommend Cindy's physical therapy program to any golfer looking to elevate their game and prioritize their body's well-being.

-T.J. B



  1. The TPI instruction class for 'older' golfers made a world of difference in my golf game the first season.  Much better range of motion without any pain allowed me to reclaim some younger years. Adding some strength allowed me to reclaim lost yardage and enjoy the game even more.  Playing companions saw the difference and were amazed.

-Chuck C



  1. Working with Cindy has shown immediate results not just in my golf game but in my overall physical health. She immediately attended to a knee issue that I was experiencing and then we moved into mobility and strengthening.   This translated to more confidence in my golf game as well as overall improvement in my daily routine. For anyone looking to take their golf game to the next level, and improve their overall health, Cindy and her team are the way to go!

-Joe S


  1. Cindy has helped me tremendously. I have less (or no) pain when I play golf now. I am able to play 3 to 4 days a week where before, I could only play once or twice a week. My core is stronger and I have more flexibility. She spends as much time during our session to make sure I am pain free when I leave her facility. I highly recommend Cindy to everyone who is hampered by aches and pains. They will definitely play better golf!

-Steve B


  1. I started with Cindy in January of this year. My goal was to improve my flexibility and create a fluid easy golf swing.  I have been thoroughly pleased and impressed with my progress thanks to Cindy.  More confidence on the course, better educated about correct muscle and body movement and increased enjoyment.

-Greg J


  1. Cindy’s help was evolutionary for me…in the beginning I walked on all fours like the early cavemen, then after some treatment I was able to forage for my own food and walk erect, after committing to her program I became fully evolved and am able to play golf, work out, and binge Netflix pain-free and without making that old man “ooph” sound when I get up. I still have a man cave though

-Danny C


  1. What I love most about working with Cindy is the newfound confidence I have in my body. Cindy takes extra time to explain how each exercise she teaches will positively affect my swing, and she's always right! It's the best feeling to know BodyFit is in my corner, pushing me toward my on-course goals. 

-Alecia H


  1. I highly recommend Cindy Langer at Bodyfit Physical Therapy. Cindy helped to transform my golf game and overall physical well-being. Her personalized approach, especially the focused stretching techniques, worked wonders. I've experienced remarkable improvements in flexibility, balance, and self-awareness through her tailored one-on-one sessions.

-George B


  1. .admit it, your getting older and your golf could be better. Me too. Than I met Cindy at BodyFit.  Her detailed evaluation of my abilities thru her use of the Titleist Performance Institute parameters set the stage for an improvement plan. Thanks to Cindy, I am back. Walking taller, more flexible, playing stronger and scoring better. Cindy is smart, resourceful and consistently checks my progress. What are you waiting for...more lost golf balls?

-Brenda B



  1. Frankly, I had almost given up golf and other fun activities. Without success, I had been to other PT offices trying to get improvement for few, old nagging injuries. Cindy's diligent evaluation found the source of my challenges and implemented a careful improvement plan. She is remarkable on so many levels. Smart, resourceful and determined. Thanks to Cindy, my physical improvement is notable. Stronger, more balanced and pain free in my golf game!

-Brenda B


  1. As a PTI certified therapist and a golfer, Cindy understood both the short term goal of alleviating my back pain from an accident and the longer term goal of getting me ready to return to the course in healthy golf shape.

-Michael M


  1. WOW! Lost another golf ball?  Do you like walking in the woods?  What's holding back your golf game?  Is it your lack of strength or flexibility?  Maybe your balance is not adequate.   Me too....before I worked with Cindy at Bodyfit, I HAD all those challenges.  She has helped me and my golf game immeasurably. Thanks to Cindy, it's Fairways, greens and lower scores! 

- B.B

  1. I truly appreciate Cindy’s detailed approach to full body mobility.  It combines those things that are needed to stay in posture for your golf swing with stretching and mobility exercises that are really good for everyday life. 

-Tim B


  1. I met with Cindy on several occasions with a goal of identifying physical limitations impacting my golf swing. She provide a number of exercises designed to improve flexibility, all of which had a positive impact.  Cindy is well versed in physical fitness, and as a certified member of the Titleist Performance  Institute understands the muscle groups controlling the golf swing.

-Pete Z


  1. I first met Cindy at my country club where she was offering a free class on golf mobility.  After the class, I just knew I had to see Cindy to help what I thought was tight hips.  After an evaluation, Cindy told me that it wasn’t my hips, it was my back.  She explained why that was the case and then she went about helping me fix the problem.  I can honestly say that my in round back pain has gone away.  And, maybe it was the lesson I took or Cindy’s exercises, by might handicap dropped back below 10 for the first time in a few years. Thanks Cindy!

-Jim G


  1. Cindy has been a tremendous help…. she initially resolved various tendinitis issues (elbow, Achilles) …she has now helped me with my mobility and fitness…. not just for golf but for all activities…I haven’t felt this mobile in decades!

-Ping H


  1. One of the best decisions I have made recently was my reach out to Cindy based on a fellow golfers recommendation.  I had lost flexibility in my golf swing.  Based on a program that Cindy developed I am now starting to see an increase in my distance with the driver and playing with less pain, too. 

-Mike S


  1. Cindy, a. consummate professional, is very knowledgeable about both body and golf swing mechanics.  She is able to blend the two to offer a customized approach to game improvement as well as general wellness.

-Julius K


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