Golf Mobility Classs


Information and Pricing for 2021 Golf Mobility Classes

  • Frequency and Duration: One Time per week for 6 Weeks.
  • One Hour Classes.
  • TPI Pre and Post Testing at my office is included in price of course.
  • Price: $249. 
  • Price: $299 which would include TPI Testing as well as 36" Foam Roll, Yoga Mat, and Stretch Band.
  • Maximum Attendance: 20 pp.


  • Foam Rolling
  • Ball Rolling
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Static Stretching
  • Yoga and Myofascial Release Stretching Poses
  • Mobility exercises focus on most common regions of the body limited and utilized during the golf swing
  • Breathing and Posture education

If you would like to host a Golf Mobility Class at your facility, you will need the following:

  • Room large enough to accomodate 10-20 people and allow for 8-12 feet between attendees.
  • Safe and well lit parking for 10-20 people.
  • Easy access from parking and room to allow equipment to be brought into class.
  • Heated room. 
  • Accessible bathroom facilities for use during class.

If you would like to attend a class, no prior exercise experience neccessary! 

Call Cindy at 860-507-7365 or email for more information regarding hosting a class or attending a class. 

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