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Running Therapy

Even if you are an Ultra runner, triathlete, run the occasional half or full marathon, or just like to get out there for a few miles to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the exercise, you may have experienced an ache or two that just won’t go away from that last run.

Maybe you tried to take some time off, tried some exercises or tape you saw on You Tube, or saw your MD only to be told to take more time off, take some medication or he/she offered an injection. But if these options didn’t work or you really don’t want medications, an injection or to take time off, then what should you do?

Try Physical Therapy at BodyFiT Physical Therapy in Canton CT!

I like to consider every injury, including running injuries, like a puzzle of a combination of pieces that all contribute to the big picture…aka your injury. Where the problem has surfaced it is not always where physical therapy should be solely directed to. Your entire body…yes your entire body…can be contributing to imbalances and faulty mechanics, stressing your muscles/joints and your performance.

As a runner myself, I have run 2 Marathons, and 4 Half Marathons. (I always giggle a bit when I say 4 Half Marathons because if you have ever trained for a full Marathon you know that you end up running quite a few “half” marathons in training!) During my time training, I discovered even more about the art of running and the casualties that can descend upon you. All of a sudden there is a pain, even when you think you really were sticking to the training program, and now you are stuck dealing with an injury. I also know that once that pain starts, the anxiety about what it is, the concern about how it happened, and the quest to fix it will consume you. Training is an emotional roller coaster.

During my training, I became much more adept at proactively taking care of my body and taking care of that post-run body trauma…my running therapy became much more fine-tuned. A science that I could never have learned in PT school. I had to develop my own running pre-hab and rehab protocol.

My therapy begins with assessing your entire body from head to toe to unveil all your imbalances. I use a special evaluation tool called the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and the Functional Movement System that takes you through several movement patterns to thoroughly evaluate where your mobility deficits lie and how they may be affecting your running and causing you pain. I also look at your running form, feet position and shoe choice. I am also affiliated with several great coaches and trainers who can also evaluate your running form and work with your technique one-on-one once your injury has resolved.

Even if you are not training for a race, your runs are just as important. A run for you is likely your time to burn some calories, get some fresh air and chat it up with your running buddies. You don’t want to say “I can’t make it this week.” At my clinic you are evaluated the same way as the racing clientele and taken through the same rehabilitation process so you get back out there and enjoy your running time.  

Please click or call today to set up a Free discovery Session or book a full evaluation today to get started!

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