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Travel Physical Therapist

The Physical Therapist at Body Fit Physical Therapy understand how busy you are!

I know if you just had the time you would come in to therapy but you can’t take time from work, stop in after work, you just can’t afford to get a sitter, or you can’t find anyone to help out with the kids.


I will travel to your house or office within a 5 mile radius of our facility. *Greater than 5 miles can be an option but will require additional fees.

  • Location must be accessible by no more than 2 flights of stairs or have an elevator.
  • A room must be provided for care that is approximately 10 feet by 10 feet
  • Room must be free of pets or hazardous conditions.
  • Interruptions by children or office staff will be at the risk of the client losing his/her own treatment time and time cannot be added to the end of treatment to make up the loss.
  • The physical therapist will bring a treatment table and all necessary treatment equipment for your session.
  • Travel Therapy is an exclusive client program and therefore entry in to this program is based on acceptance in to the program after therapist review of client circumstances, references, location, and type of injury.
  • Payment is expected upon the end of the treatment session-only cash or debit/credit/HSA cards accepted-no checks.

Please contact us  to see if you are eligible for our Travel Physical Therapist Program.

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