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CrossFit Mobility Must-Haves and Modifications

CrossFit Mobility Must-Haves

and Modifications

To achieve the correct form while pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting etc. you need to have the optimum mobility in the following regions.

Without this full range of motion, you will strain and jeopardize the integrity of the joints, muscles/tendons and ligaments of your body.

For example, if you do not have adequate ankle dorsiflexion, you will not be able to complete a full squat with proper form in your knees, hips and low back, so you will sacrifice the safe positioning of your back, and/or cause pinching at the hip, among other possible compensations, to help complete the squat.

Here are the most important regions of your body to have full mobility during these workouts.

  • Full Overhead Shoulder Elevation
  • Full Shoulder External Rotation
  • Full Thoracic Extension
  • Full Hip Flexion
  • Full Knee Flexion
  • Full Ankle Dorsiflexion


Modifications & Scaling 

As previously mentioned in the section regarding how to choose a gym, a good gym will offer information on a white board and/or provide a trainer who are upfront with what modifications or scaling you can apply to your class to keep you safe while enjoying a good workout.

Every aspect of HIIT and CrossFit Injury can be modified.

For Example:

  • Push-ups can be modified to pushing-up from off of your knees, pushing-up off a box, or pushing up against a wall.
  • Pull ups can be modified to ring-rows, or jumping pull-ups, or pull-ups with bands to assist.
  • Push Press can be modified to dumbbell press, or bench press.
  • Dead lifting can be modified to use of a trap bar, or a band.
  • Air squats can be modified to limited depth, or to a box, or to performing step-ups.


This is just a sampling of some of the modifications that can be made to a workout. A quality CrossFit or HIIT class will be well versed in providing these and other modifications.

If you are interested in learning more about CrossFit Mobility Must-Haves and Modifications, and if your body has the mobility necessary to reduce the risk of injury, then reach out to BodyFit Physical Therapy by emailing cindy@bodyfitphysicaltherapy.com or calling Cindy at 860-507-7365 to schedule a FREE Discovery Visit-A Consultation with a Physical Therapist.