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Did you know…


Did you know that BodyFit Physical Therapy helps CrossFit athletes?


I have done CrossFit for 4 years.

I am CrossFit Level 1 Certified.

I became certified because I wanted a more intimate knowledge of what CrossFit was teaching their trainers. I wanted to know what they teach in regards to form and programming workouts. And I wanted to know that my gym and the local gyms were correctly advising us in participating in a CrossFit workout.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that during my certification course, the CrossFit coaches were NOT teaching us to just beat the crap out of someone, intimidate them into trying heavier weights, and could care less about form!

Instead, I found a group of people who want to see that the human species gets up and moves, lifts, runs, jumps, reaches, and crawls…just like we did when we were kids. And the only reason we cannot move those ways is that we just do not continue to do those activities as we get older. So, we don’t use it and we lose it. I also found that they are passionate about nutrition. 100% makes sense. Your body cannot perform, whether working out or not, without proper nutrition and hydration.


But all gyms are not created equal.

Some gyms will have trainers that have lost their touch and forgot the principles they were taught during certification or just simply don’t care to pay attention to the details of you and what you are doing.

Why this happens is for another email!

So, whether you do CrossFit or HIIT at your local gym, you are lifting weights, moving into various ranges, working outside your comfort zone, and with potentially not enough guidance from your gym trainers. Or YOU may not be listening to your coaches. You may be more at fault in that you do not listen to the trainer guidance, working too fast, too heavy, and for too long, straining yourself right out of form, and as a result you are getting injured.





*You may not have the mobility you need to obtain the correct form for safe, efficient and powerful lifting. Limitations in overhead mobility and squat mobility can significanltyh affedt the quality of what you are doing. Add improper form on top of lifting too heavy, lifting too fast, and lifting while fatigued will lead to injury. I can assess your mobility to determine if you have any assymetiries and losses of mobiloity that you should focus on to avoid injury.



 *More often than not I find CrossFit and HIIT athletes, at the competition level and weekend-warrior level, that have terrible core control. I can assess whether you have the proper form and control of your core that can help you avoid or recover properly from low back injury.



Assymetires or biases in muscle groups can lead to improper form and weaknesses to maintina form during fatigue. For example, the shoulder position is controlled by shoulder blade positioning. If the muscles that assist with proper shoulder positioning are ineffective then this will put you at risk of a shoulder injury. The correct exercises can help.



Training hard every day leads to lactic acid build up, soreness, and the development of residual tightness. I can help you manage your pre-WOD and post-WOD recovery options, review foam rolling, massage gun use, ball rolling, and advise you on how my Active-Assisted Stretching and other recovery services from local providers may or may not help you.



I offer a comprehensive movement analysis and physical therapy evaluation that looks at you from head to toe.

I assess injuries, both chronic and new and determine how we are able to do to fix those issues.

I offer form analysis for all your basic CrossFit movement patterns, and review your recovery options that can help you heal your body after a tough workout.

I take a look at your footwear and determine if your shoes are helping or hurting you.


Don’t go it alone!

You invest so much time and energy into your body, so if your body fails you will be left without the workout that you love. The workout with your friends and the workout that makes you mentally more prepared to face your day!

You can get help! And you can get help by someone who won’t tell you that you should just give up that workout because it’s too dangerous.


Let me help you!


If you would like to book a call or have a free consultation click below:


Thank you and Happy Lifting!

Cindy at BodyFit Physical Therapy