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FunctionFit360, More Than Just a Workout?

I’d like to formally introduce myself, my name is Jenna Marshall, owner and operator of FunctionFit360.  My adult life has always been driven by healthcare and fitness and they certainly co-exist! I have always loved nutrition and exercise and having my body feeling good and balanced. This feeling truly turned into wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle and educate others who were inclined to do so as well.  The big push in my starting my LLC came not only from my love of health, wellness and exercise but from my career in the healthcare field showing me endlessly what can happen to our bodies and the way we function if we aren’t treating it well while we are younger and throughout the aging process.  

I have my Masters Degree in Speech and Language Pathology. Contrary to belief, my role is not to “teach people how to talk” or “fix speech impediments”. Though, that is an amazing and honorable task and I applaud my fellow SLP’s who have chosen to work with children, it is not the area of Speech Language Pathology that resounded with me the most and not where I spent most of my career years.  Rather, I chose to specialize in Geriatric healthcare and swallowing disorders (Dysphagia) . I aide in rehabilitating muscles “from the chest up” and that includes your brain! I work with patients whom have had: Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Cancer, COPD,  Bells Palsy, TIA’s,  falls , Alzheimer’s Disease  and many others in efforts to rehabilitate; cognitive function, memory loss, vocal quality, swallowing function, the ability to speak, process and sequence thoughts sounds and functions. I have also spent a great deal educating those on how some diseases effect our breathing, which can then effect our speech, swallowing and bowel movement function! A lot goes into what I do but I have truly never lost passion in helping, rehabilitating, and educating others in the disease(s) they are facing so they are empowered by knowledge and have the confidence to help themselves. 

Why am I telling you this? Because not only am I a treating clinician but I have also run a rehab department filled with Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Respiratory therapists and Speech Pathologists that I have learned so much from throughout our interdisciplinary sessions and meetings.  The thing I have learned the most; is that life is so precious and that our bodies are wonderful organisms that need to be treated with respect ! The patients of mine who lead a healthier lifestyle had very different outcomes from those who did not.  The best part was , that those who were willing to be active participants in their rehabilitation were able to get better, stronger and learn that nutrition and physical wellness plays a HUGE role in maintaining your overall health, physical function and keeping some symptoms of those diseases controlled. 

To put all of this together, my passion in the world of healthcare and Speech Pathology was not so distant from my passion in nutrition and fitness. So, I decided to create a LLC where I do not only put clients through an exercise program but I am able to do a comprehensive intake assessment for them , truly understand who they are , what they need, challenges they are facing and create healthy , realistic goals for them. It is my job not only to push you , but to help you in understanding the WHY of exercise and nutrition  and how  to make changes that  will help improve your overall wellness and function. I plan to make you functionally fit, no matter your age! We can stretch, lift, golf, run and apply different training techniques for you desired outcome.  This can be from just being able to be stretched, mobile and not a fall risk , to  training in specific sports and strength and conditioning programs. Know that I am here for you and truly excited to help you in creating a healthier, happier and stronger version of yourself that you know lives within you!  Come get your version of fit with me, Jenna of FunctionFit360 !