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So, I Played Golf...

So, I Played Golf Last Week...

It has been quite some time since I have played golf. I was invited to a 9 & Dine last weekend so I began the process of getting my clubs, shoes, and balls together. My first “hazard”, before even hitting the course, was that all my equipment was a mess! My bag, shoes, and glove did not winter-well in my basement. Not to mention my clubs are a bit antique. But I was able to pull it together with the help of the golf club and a local sports store, where I was able to buy and rent some equipment on short notice. Then with some practice in the backyard with some foam balls, I was able to get some swings in. I played…albeit not my best, but considering all my hiccups on the way to getting ready to play, I played ok…yes just ok…and obviously left the last green feeling that I could have done better.

Yet getting "better" only comes from understanding what aspects of my golf game needs work and the same thing applies to your game.

Do you know where your golf game needs work?

  • Have you worked with a Pro or went to the range to hit hundreds of balls, only to find that your body feels like it cannot physically accomplish what he/she or you are asking of it?
  • Do you feel that when you are done playing you need to take a few ibuprofen tabs to just ease the pain?
  • Or do you try to offset the discomfort by taking Ibuprofen BEFORE you play?
  • Have you limited yourself to only 9 or 18 holes and don’t dare play any longer or otherwise “you will pay for it” the next day?
  • Have you been feeling that for that past couple years you are just losing your mobility and shortened your backswing?
  • Or are you now not finishing well because you are avoiding rotating your hips due to tightness and pain?

I could go on…and on…the point is that there are many regions of your body that you may not be aware of that are holding you back and will stop you in the future, from playing a decent game of golf with your friends and family for years to come.

If you are interested in figuring out how your body measures up to the level you need to play golf well and without body pain, then please reach out to me to get help. I can take you through my Golf Physical, developed in combination wtih the Titleist Performance Institute or TPI Physical Assessment model and my many years of working in the field of physical therapy, and show you where your body has sabotaged you from having an efficient, consistent and powerful golf swing.

To learn more about the Golf Physical CLICK HERE and then reach out to me at 860-507-7365.