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Why Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Pain Don’t Have to Keep You From a Killer Workout

Why Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder Pain Don’t Have to Keep You From a Killer Workout

 “I hurt my wrist and now I can’t workout!”

This may not be the case.

With some creative, yet easy modifications, you can still get a great workout while resting that injured wrist, elbow or shoulder.


Here are some modification options:


Planking with wrist pain:

Instead of resting your weight on your palms with an extended wrist, try to hold two dumbbells that are placed on the floor instead. Gripping the dumbbells will allow you to keep your wrist straight.


Or plank from on elbows, resting your weight on your forearms.


Planking with elbow or shoulder pain:

Modify the amount of pressure you are placing on the elbow and shoulder by trying the plank position while in more of an inclined position. Instead of trying to place the body in a horizontal position, it may be more tolerable to plank from a 2-foot-high step or for even more help you can plank from counter height.


Push-ups with wrist pain:

As above, you can hold dumbbells in each hand, placing all the pressure of weight bearing through your arms into the handles of the dumbbells while keeping the wrist in neutral.


Push-ups with elbow or shoulder pain:

Push-up from a box or step so that not all your weight is down into your wrists and arms. Another option is to push-up from a bent knee position vs. off your feet/toes.


Exercises that Require to be on all Fours:

If you have wrist pain: Position from a bent-elbow, on forearm position to displace pressure to the shoulder’s vs at the wrists.

If you have elbow or shoulder pain: make sure you are weight bearing correctly by placing your hand position directly underneath the shoulder so that you are not trying to force weight into your shoulder at an angle.

If these modifications are not an option, remember you can always focus on lower body only exercises such as squats, lunges, step-ups, marching in place and practicing dynamic balancing…there are still several exercises that can get your body pumping! No excuses!


If you have suffered a tweak or pain to your wrist, elbow or shoulder and are unsure what to do to expedite your recovery and want to continue to work out, give BodyFit Physical Therapy a call.

I can help determine what the injury is and then implement the correct recovery treatment and advise on modifications in your favorite class or sport to keep you moving!


Call Cindy at 860-507-7365 or email cindy@bodyfitphysicaltherapy.com.