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Golf Mobility Class

Golf Mobility Class


  • Are you having trouble with your backswing, or feeling like you’ve lost distance in your drives?
  • Do you have hip or back pain and only feel short-term relief from at home remedies. Chiropractors, or massages?
  • Do you want to decrease your handicap and play feeling stronger with a better competitive edge?
  • Are you someone who values their health and is looking for a long-term solution to getting back on the course without pain and stiffness getting in the way?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of These Questions, You Are In The Right Place!

We want you to be able to play more rounds of golf and with more confidence than ever before!

That’s why we offer Golf Mobility Classes to improve your backswing and get you winning more tournaments than you ever thought you could.

You might be thinking, “this sounds like a yoga class, that’s not for me…”
Golf Mobility classes aren’t about yoga. They’re about using golf-specific exercises to focus on the most common trouble regions of the body that keep golfers from maximizing their swing.

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Who Benefits From Mobility Classes?

  • Anyone looking to improve their golf game, especially if you’ve been taking lessons but aren’t seeing a significant improvement in your game.
  • Golfers in their early 40s - 70s.
  • Anyone feeling stiffness in their back or hips.
  • Anyone looking to decrease their handicap.

Mobility Exercises Include:

  • Foam Rolling
  • Ball Rolling
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Static Stretching
  • Yoga And Myofascial Release Stretching Poses
  • Breathing And Posture Education

Information And Pricing For 2025 Golf Mobility Classes

Classes starting January 2025!

  • Frequency and Duration: One Time per week for 6 Weeks.
  • One Hour Classes.
  • TPI Pre and Post Testing at my office is included in the price of course.
  • Includes TPI Testing as well as 36" Foam Roll, Yoga Mat, and Stretch Band are available to borrow during the class.
  • Maximum Attendance: 14 People

If You Would Like To Host A Golf Mobility Class At Your Facility, You Will Need The Following:

  • Room large enough to accommodate 10-20 people and allow for 8-12 feet between attendees.
  • Safe and well-lit parking for 10-20 people.
  • Easy access from parking and room to allow equipment to be brought into class.
  • Heated room.
  • Accessible bathroom facilities for use during class.

Ask About Availability & Pricing

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