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BodyFitGolf Services

The Golf Physical

  • What Is Included In The Golf Physical?
    Get clarity as to where your body is limited in mobility, strength, and stability, and learn how that relates back to your golf swing.

The Golf Physical Features:

  • The TPI Physical Assessment and Video Golf Swing Analysis evaluates your body with 16 physical assessment screens and examines the 12 most common swing characteristics that typically can be affected by deficits found in your body.
  • A Comprehensive Functional Evaluation
  • A Short Video Swing Analysis
  • All implemented by a TPI Certified, BodyFitGolf Professional

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The Golf Power Screen

  • What Is Your Capacity To Generate Power In Your Golf Swing?
    The Golf Power Screen offers baseline power testing and measurements to determine where your body is compared to PGA and LPGA players. If you lack in power then we perform strength testing to determine where the deficits lie.

Why Do I Need The Golf Power Screen? A Golfer needs strength to create the stability and forces to generate a powerful golf swing and the strength to control the club throughout the many variable regions of the golf course.

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  • What Is HIIT4Golf?
    The HIIT4Golf program is a one-on-one training program that addresses the deficits found in The Golf Physical & The Golf Power Screen.

The HIIT4Golf Program Incorporates:

  • HIIT Exercises
  • Core Progressions
  • Cardiovascular Exercises
  • Balance Exercises
  • Weight Lifting
  • Strength Training

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Stronger*Better*Farther*Golf Online Program

  • Are You Interested In Optimizing Your Body For Better Performance From The Comfort Of Your Own Home?
    Stronger*Better*Farther*Golf is safe, customizable, and can be completed at your own pace. It includes physical screenings you can do yourself and the mobility and strengthening exercises that can address the physical deficits found in your own self-testing.

What Does Stronger*Better*Farther*Golf Include?

  • 16 Best Golf Physical Screenings as part of the TPI Physical Assessment.
  • Swing Analysis Metric Testing
  • Additional options and recommendations for Self-Testing
  • 15+ Modules of Body Region Specific mobility and strengthening exercises.
  • 3 BONUS Modules on Taping, Straps, Bracing, Stretching Gadgets & Aids, & Foam Rolling for Pain Relief and Recovery
  • And More!

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