Golf Body Game Plan

Welcome to the Golf Body Game Plan!

If you are looking for a Better Golf Body then you are in the right place!

Do you feel like every day your body is just getting tighter and tighter?

Is your back swing getting shorter, ultimately causing you to

lose power and distance in your drives?


Is trying to swing further back just making you lose control of the club and...

you feel like you may hurt yourself?

Unfortunately, there is no “work-around” or “trick” that can

immediately improve your mobility, strength & power.

It takes consistent effort.

And you know that, but you don’t know where to start…you are not sure what to do, what is safe for you to do, and you just don’t have the time to take time off from work to go see somebody to help you.

Well let’s change that!


As a physical therapist, golfer and TPI Level I certified professional, I have designed the safest and most customizable program that can be done from anywhere because it is all online!

It is called the Golf Body Game Plan!

While the golf courses begin to freeze up and sleep for the winter, you have a ton of time to be building a better golf body for next season!

It’s the perfect time!

This online program can be done from anywhere, with very little equipment, and at your own pace, so you can improve your body to get that golf club swinging with better control and speed!

With my Golf Body Game Plan, I will provide you with the physical screens and suggested power analysis methods so you can then implement the very best exercises that will work for you.

Exercise as much or as little as you want but at the end of 4, 8 & 12 weeks, you need to check your own progress, by re-testing your physical screens and power metrics.  


You will know if your body is improving by how well you do on these re-tests!

And whether you choose to workout 20, 30 or 60 minutes a day and when you want to exercise is all up to you!  

You will have the modules to support you whenever and wherever you are!

The Golf Body Game Plan helps you become your own personal trainer!


If you want in, then you have picked the absolute best time!

The Golf Body Game Plan is launching SOON!

This all-online program includes:

  • The 5 Best Golf Physical Screens
  • The TPI Online-Testing
  • The Swing Analysis Metric Testing-Recommendations/Options for Self-Testing
  • And...15 plus Modules of Body-Region Specific Exercises!

Sound Great?

Then Sign-Up Now to get my Introductory Rate of $497!

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